International Journal of Gerontology

Comparison of Cardiovascular Events among Users of Different Classes of Anti-Osteoporosis Medications

Wen-Hsuan Tsai, Ming-Chieh Tsai, Chia-Yuan Chang, Yen-Chang Huang, Yu-Sung Wang, Wei-Che Chen
page 275~279
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202310_17(4).0012

Impact of Elastic Band Training on Functional Outcomes and Muscle Mass in the Elderly with Sarcopenia: A Meta-Analysis

Yu-Ting Tsai, Hsin-Hsien Su, Ching-Hsin Chou, Yu-Hang Chen, Ming-Hsiu Chiang, Yi-Jie Kuo, Yu-Pin Chen
page 224~230
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202207_16(3).0011

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