International Journal of Gerontology

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ISSN: 1873-9598

International Journal of Gerontology

Volume 16, Issue 1

January 2022
page 1~74


Editorial Comment

Review Article

Post-Stroke Epilepsy: Current Understanding

Wei-En Johnny Tseng, Chih-Yin Lin, Siew-Na Lim, Lu-An Chen
page 2~6
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0001

A Review on Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Sushil Kumar Sah, Anil Kumar Shah, Sarita Shah Kanu
page 7~10
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0002

Original Article

The Predictors for Good Clinical Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke with Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion

Chun-Chao Huang, Zong-Yi Jhou, Yung-Pin Hwang, Hsin-Yao Lin, Chia-Hung Chen, Chih-Hsin Wang, Cheng-Chih Hsieh, An-Bang Zeng, Chun-Hsien Lin, Chao-Liang Chou
page 11~14
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0003

Associated Risk Factors for Vertebral Fractures in the Elderly: A Cross-Sectional Study Based on NHANES Database

Junping Bao, Lei Liu, Xin Hong, Xiaotao Wu
page 15~20
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0004

Development of the Chinese Version of Nurses' Perception of Risk Factors for Injurious Falls and a Pilot Study

Min-Ling Lin, Shun-Ping Cheng, Huey-Ming Tzeng, I-Ju Chen
page 28~32
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0006

Adapted Physical Activity with a Walking Platform in Older Inpatients Admitted for Cancer: A Pilot Study

Heidi Solem-Laviec, Florian Boismain, Priscille Le Bon, Benedicte Clarisse, Jean-Michel Grellard, Xavier Blaizot, Antoine Desvergee, Justine Lequesne, Berengere Beauplet
page 33~38
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0007

A Comparison of Clinicopathological Differences and Survival Rates in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma between Middle Age and Old Age in Taiwan

Sing-You Chen, Yung-Hsin Cheng, Yung-Yun Cheng, Kuan-Ju Lee, Li-Han Lin, Chung-Ji Liu, Chieh-Yuan Cheng
page 39~45
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0008

Gender Differences in Health-Related Behavior Patterns among Older Adults in Indonesia: A Latent Class Analysis

Lisa Wahidatul Oktaviani, Hui-Chuan Hsu, Yi-Chun Chen
page 46~51
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0009

Case Report

Cardiac Tamponade Caused by Atrial Lead Perforation or by Spontaneous Hemopericardium in an Edoxaban User

Hsin-Tien Hou, Chung-Lieh Hung, Chun-Wei Lee, Chen-Yen Chien, Hung-I Yeh, Yen-Yu Liu
page 66~68
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0014

Very Late-Onset Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder Associated with Latent Syphilis: A Case and Literature Review

Seon-Min Lee, Jun Yeong Hong, Yuseok Kim, Sang-Jun Na
page 69~71
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0015

Brief Communication

Azacitidine Combined with Cytarabine in Older Patients with Newly Diagnosed AML

Shijun Li, Junyuan Qi, Bo Jiang
page 57~59
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0011

Development of an Intrasystemic Team Resource Management Program to Reduce Accidental Catheter Removal in a Critical Care Unit: A Stepwise and Evidence-Based Approach

Ying-Shan Chen, Shan-Ni Wu, Pei-Ching Tien, Hui-Hsin Chen, Chi-In Lo, Shih-Chieh Chien
page 60~62
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0012

Medical Imagery

Spontaneous Regression of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Leg Type, with Concomitant c-MYC and BCL2 Gene Rearrangements

Angela Ayen-Rodriguez, Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde
page 72~73
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0016

Sister Mary Joseph Nodule: A Poor Prognostic Indicator in Metastatic Rectal Cancer

Cheng-Wei Huang, Jian-Syun Chen
page 74~
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202201_16(1).0017

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