International Journal of Gerontology

As the cruel circumstances, fighting against aging and pursuing better ways in caring elderly are pressing on, we founded Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Medicine (TSGECM) in December 2004. We periodically hold seminars, lectures and conferences to discuss and collect significant or breaking results presenting in meetings of TSGECM. The International Journal of Gerontology (IJGE) was launched in 2007 for medical professionals and investigators from all corners of the world to show their achievement in studies of gerontology.

The IJGE aims to explore and clarify the medical science and philosophy in geriatric fields, including those in the emergency and critical care medicine. The IJGE is determined not only to be a professional journal in gerontology, but also a leading source of information for the developing field of geriatric emergency and critical care medicine. It is a pioneer in Asia.

Topics in the IJGE cover the advancement of diagnosis and management in urgent, serious and chronic intractable diseases in later life, preventive medicine, long-term care of disability, ethical issues in the diseased elderly and biochemistry, cell biology, endocrinology, molecular biology, pharmacology, physiology and protein chemistry involving diseases associated with age. We did not limit the territory to only critical or emergency condition inasmuch as chronic diseases are frequently brought about by inappropriate management of acute problems.

The scientific information published here is grounded on clinical cases, statistic evidence of original studies, and accumulation of medical knowledge, humanistic ethics and basic researches. We are also interested in studies bridging the gap between basic and clinical aspects of geriatric diseases. In addition to Review and Original articles, Brief communications, Case reports, Medical images and Letters to the editor are also welcome.

Publication Charges and Reprints

The IJGE is an open access journal and is indexed in the SCIE since its first volume. It is also indexed in SCOPUS, Embase, ScienceDirect, CAB Abstract & Global Health and SIIC Data Bases.

Authors of accepted articles will be charged a publication fee as follows:

  • US$500/NT$15,000 for Review Articles of 6 printed pages or less (invited reviews are exempt);
  • US$700/NT$20,000 for Original Articles of 6 printed pages or less;
  • US$400/NT$10,000 for Brief Communications and Case Reports of 4 printed pages or less;
  • US$200/NT$5,000 for Medical Images and Letters to the Editor of 2 printed pages or less.

Authors will be charged US$170/NT$5,000 per extra page over the page numbers listed above; color illustrations will be charged at the rate of US$100/NT$3,000 per page. The accepted article will proceed to the next stage only upon receipt of payment of the total publication fee.

Quick Publication

For this journal an optional QUICK PUBLICATION service is available to authors for their accepted manuscripts.

Quick publication service allows the accepted manuscript to appear in the next 1 or 2 coming print issue, depending on the availability, of the journal.Authors who opt for this service is responsible for arranging the payment and replying author proofs within one week. The handling fee of US$300/NT$10,000 will be additionally charged for all categories of article.