International Journal of Gerontology

Characteristics and Outcomes of Hospitalized Geriatric Patients with COVID-19 Infection in Taiwan

Hsin-Pei Chung, Kuo-Lun Wu, Chang-Yi Lin, Yen-Hsiang Tang, Chao-Hsien Chen, Jou-Chun Wu, Yen-Ting Chen, Kuan-Chih Kuo, Wen-Kuei Chang
page 207~212
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202207_16(3).0008

Effects of Resistance Exercise with Instability on Concerns about Falling and Depressive Symptoms in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults

Bruno Remigio Cavalcante, Vinicius Yan Santos Nascimento, Ryan Stanley Falck, Barbara Oliveira Soares, Elisabeth Ferreira Dias, Matheus Santos Silva, Igor Rafael Andrade Campos, Mariana Ferreira de Souza, Rodrigo Cappato de Araujo
page 95~99
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202204_16(2).0004

Word Memory was Related to Walking Speed Change in a Pre-Frailty One-Year Follow-Up Survey

Ayuto Kodama, Yu Kume, Tomoko Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Ono, Hidetaka Ota
page 153~154
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202204_16(2).0016

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