International Journal of Gerontology

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ISSN: 1873-9598

International Journal of Gerontology (June)

Volume 13, Issue 2

June 2019
page 105~184


Editorial Comment

Review Article

Frailty: A Narrative Review with a Focus on Eastern and Southeastern Asia

Kulapong Jayanama, Olga Theou
page 106~110
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0001

Gestational Breast Cancer: A Literature Review

Chia-Yen Hung , Wen-Chi Chou , Po-Sheng Yang , Chi-Yuan Tzen , Suk-Ping Ng , Shih-Hua Liu , Guan-Jhe Cai ,Ying-Wen Su
page 111~115
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0002

Original Article

Effectiveness of Brand-Name and Generic Versions of Glimepiride for Diabetes Mellitus Care: Experience at a Medical Center in Taiwan

Chih-Fang Chen, Hsien-Wei Ting, Cheng-Zen Yang, Hung-I Yeh, Ta-Chuan Hung
page 116~120
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0003

Higher Animal-Derived Dietary Protein Intake is Associated with Lower Prevalence of Frailty

Alberto Cella, Nicola Veronese, Stefano Poli, Romina Custureri, Andrea Delrio, Clarissa Musacchio, Anna Maria Mello, Erica Tavella, Natalia Vello, Ekaterini Zigoura, Alberto Pilotto
page 121~124
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0004

The Relative Importance of Velocity and Strength Components in Physical Tasks for Older Women in Geriatric Health Services Facilities

Saki Yamamoto, Akira Iwata, Yuki Sano, Yuki Yano, Keisuke Honma, Toshimitsu Ohmine, Hideyuki Wanaka
page 125~128
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0005

Dynapenia and Poor Balance Predict Post-Discharge Functional Decline and Mortality of Older Adults

Lingyan Chen, Wei-Ju Lee, Ying Xu, Gaobo Lou, Shanshan Shen, Ming-Yueh Chou, Xujiao Chen, Liang-Kung Chen
page 129~133
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0006

Gender Differences in the Biomechanical and Physiological Properties of Gait in the Older Adults

Hwang-Jae Lee, Dong Sung Choi, Seung Yeol Lee, Won Hyuk Chang, Youngtaek Kim, Yun-Hee Kim
page 139~143
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0008

Gait and Trunk Movement Characteristics of Chronic Ischemic Stroke Patients

Chia-Yu Hsu, Yuh-Show Tsai, Cheng-Shiang Yau, Hung-Hai Shie, Chu-Ming Wu
page 144~148
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0009

Reducing Blood Loss by Intravenous Tranexamic Acid in Minimally Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty for Geriatric Patients

Chun-Liang Liu , Man-Kuan Au , Che-Sheng Wen
page 149~152
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0010

The Association of APOE Genetic Polymorphism and Environmental Factors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Zohreh Harati, Ali Javadpour, Raheleh Masoudi, Syedeh Leila Abtahi
page 157~161
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0012

Plasma Cholinesterase Activity and Clinical Course in Geriatric Organophosphate Poisoning

Dong Keon Lee, Young Taeck Oh, Young Hwan Lee, Seung Min Park
page 167~170
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0014

The Potential Risk Factors of Reattempt Suicide by Self-Poisoning in Older Adults

Hyun Il Chung, Han Joon Kim, Sang Hoon Oh, Seung-Pill Choi, Kyu Nam Park
page 171~175
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0015

Palliative Care for End-Stage Cirrhotic Patients in Intensive Care Units

Chun-Han Cheng, Meng-Ruey Wu, Chuan-Lei Chao, Chia-Ying Hsiao, Min-I Su
page 176~180
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0016

Case Report

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug-Induced Enteropathy in the Elderly

Hao-Wen Dai, Chen-Wang Chang, Ming-Jen Chen, Wei-Chen Lin, Cheng-Hsin Chu
page 181~182
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0017

Brief Communication

Effective Strategy of the Multicomponent Exercise Program for Older Individuals in a Depopulated Rural Region

Yu Kume, Megumi Tsugaruya, Shoko Inomata, Akiko Sato, Tomoe Fujita, Yoriko Nakamura
page 183~184
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.201906_13(2).0018

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