International Journal of Gerontology

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ISSN: 1873-9598

International Journal of Gerontology

Volume 15, Issue 4

October 2021
page 291~389


Editorial Comment

The Importance of Early Detection of Acute Large-Vessel Occlusion Stroke

Chao-Liang Chou
page 291~
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).EC

Review Article

Taiwan Dementia Treatment Guideline

Li-Kai Huang, Pai-Yi Chiu, Yi-Chun Yeh, Ya-Ting Chang, Kai-Ming Jhang, Cheng-Sheng Chen, Shu-Ping Chao, Chia-Pei Lin, Wei-Hung Chang, Wei-Pin Hong, Mei-Feng Huang, Ching-Hua Lu, Yao-Tung Lee, Chao-Hsien Hung, Ching-Kuan Liu, Wei Lin, Chiung-Chih Chang, Chau-Jong Hu, Ming-Chyi Pai
page 292~300
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0001

Equipment-Free Fall-Risk Assessments for the Functionally Independent Elderly: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Chen-Ju Fu, Wen-Chien Chen, Meng-Ling Lu, Chi-Chien Niu, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Chih-Hsiu Cheng
page 301~308
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0002

Original Article

Validation of the Mexican Spanish Adaptation of the Short Form of the Urogenital Distress Inventory, Incontinence Impact Questionnaire and the Severity Index in Elderly Women from Nursing Homes in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, Mexico

Mariana Rivas-Paz, Patricia I Velazquez-Castellanos, Lucia del Socorro Paz-Navarro, Gracia Viviana Gonzalez-Enriquez, Efrain Chavarria-Avila, Blanca Miriam Torres-Mendoza
page 314~318
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0004

Sarcopenia and Associated Factors among Thai Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Pariyakorn Sanguankittiphan, Panita Limpawattana, Pornpimon Chupanit, Matthew Kelly, Kavin Thinkhamrop
page 324~329
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0006

Intracranial Vascular Aging: Focusing on the Circle of Willis

Chia-Hung Chen, Chao-Liang Chou, Zong-Yi Jhou, Chung-Yao Huang, Wei-Ming Huang, Chih-Hsin Wang, Hui-Chen Lin, Yu-Chan Chien, An-Bang Zeng, Chun-Chao Huang
page 330~334
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0007

Mortality and Prognostic Factors in Patients over 90 Years of Age Admitted in Internal Medicine: A Spanish Prospective Cohort Study

Jose-Manuel Ramos-Rincon, Miranda Albert-Ribera, Manuel Priego-Valladares, Pilar Gonzalez-de-la-Aleja, Mar Garcia-Navarro, Rosario Sanchez-Martinez
page 335~339
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0008

Outcomes of Elective vs. Emergency Right Colectomy in Octogenarians - An Important Aspect for Decision Making in Older Adults

Lisa Cooper, Ran Orgad, Omri Sulimani, Yochai Levi, Baha Siam, Yichayaou Beloosesky, Hanoch Kashtan
page 340~344
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0009

Sleep in Elderly Patients under Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation: An Observational Study

Chao-Hsien Chen, Ching-Lung Liu, Yu-Chia Lai, Chin-Ching Lin, Mei-Chuan Pai, Kuan-Chih Kuo, Hsin-Pei Chung, Chang-Yi Lin
page 345~349
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0010

Improvement of Goal Attainment of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in High-Risk Patients by Individualized Target Value Reminding Approach

Chao-Feng Lin, Jen-Yu Chuang, Chih-Chung Hsiao, Yi-Hong Zeng, Po-Jen Chang, Ting-Yun Lu, Fang-Ju Sun, Yi-Sinn Lin, Yi-Han Chen, Hung-I Yeh
page 354~360
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0012

Fasting Triglycerides is a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Event in T-SPARCLE Registry in Taiwan

Chun-Yen Chen, Wei-Kung Tseng, Fang-Ju Lin, Yen-Wen Wu, Tsung-Hsien Lin, Yi-Heng Li, Wayne H-H Sheu, Lien-Chi Huang, I-Chang Hsieh, Wen-Harn Pan, Hung-I Yeh, Chau-Chung Wu, Wei-Hsien Yin, Jaw-Wen Chen, on behalf of the Taiwanese Secondary Prevention for Patients with AtheRosCLErotic Disease (T-SPARCLE) Registry Investigators
page 361~366
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0013

Effect of Negative Life Events and Resilience on Health Status of Older Adults with Possible Sarcopenia: A Qualitative Research

Shu-Fen Shen, Szu-Ying Lee, Heng-Hsin Tung, Shu-Fen Hsu
page 367~371
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0014

Glycemic Control and Associated Factors among Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in a Tertiary Hospital in Saku, Japan

Yuichi Temma, Nopporn Howteerakul, Nawarat Suwannapong, Petch Rawdaree
page 372~376
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0015

Validation of Three Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for the Assessment of Appendicular Lean Tissue in Older Community-Dwelling Adults

Wen-Teng Liu, Wen-Pin Hu, Chung-Liang Lai, Yu-Yawn Chen, Kuen-Chang Hsieh
page 377~381
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0016

Case Report

Posterior Cortical Atrophy, a Neurodegenerative Clinico-Radiological Syndrome: Neuropsychological, Electroencephalographic and Neuroimaging Study

Paul Carrillo-Mora, Marlene Galicia Alvarado, Maria Fernanda Estrada Romo
page 385~387
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0018

Medical Imagery

Intestinal Ischemia Diagnosed by Bedside Abdominal Ultrasonography

Yu-Te Su, Yi-Da Tsai
page 388~
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0019

Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction (Ogilvie's Syndrome) in 83-Year-Old Male

Yen-Wei Chiu, Cheng-Yu Hou
page 389~
DOI: 10.6890/IJGE.202110_15(4).0020

CME Test